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About Symply

Symply, a Global Distribution brand, is an innovative developer of high-speed digital storage solutions, designed for media professionals. As a privately-held company, with locations in the United States, Culver City and Austin, in the UK Cambridge, In Germany, Munich and in Sweden, Stockholm. Our philosophy is simple – build real products that people need to make media production and delivery true to art and not just your job. Symply Better Storage.
Flexible configurations from 48TB up to 336TB with up to 8 shared Thunderbolt 3 users 50m apart.


The industry’s first affordable high-speed multi-user StorNext®6 powered Thunderbolt™3 SAN storage solution.
Fast, safe, and scalable collaborative high-resolution workflow without expensive hot and noisy rack-mounted SAN infrastructure or adapters.

Don’t settle for unpredictable ethernet performance. SymplyWorkspace delivers true SAN performance over Thunderbolt with no hassle direct connection.

SymplyWORKSPACE with

At home in the studio or onset.

Simple deployment, easy management, and fast collaborative performance.

SymplyWORKSPACE checks all the boxes


  • 4K ready
  • Multi-user with no slow downs
  • Scalable to meet capacity and performance needs
  • Optical Thunderbolt3 for clients up to 50m away


  • Powered by industry leading StorNext 6 sharing software
  • Direct connect Thunderbolt – no adapters, no switches
  • 100% Xsan compatible
  • Up to 8 Mac or Windows clients


  • Full RAID 5/6 protection
  • Hot Swappable drive modules
  • Whisper quiet fans
  • SSD metadata
  • NL- SAS hard drives
  • Scalable capacity and protection


High Performance Shared Storage For Media Professionals
Resolve, FCPX (ProRes RAW), Adobe Premiere, After Effects, VR, VFX

Second Generation ULTRA
Symply Better Workspace
For Media Production

No Compromise Workflow Storage

Optimized for 4K, 8K, high frame rate and HDR workflows. Capacity and performance are scalable together of individually based on configuration.

Hard drive and solid state disk volumes can be mixed to meet varying levels of performance in larger workgroups.

Fibre Channel and IP (Ethernet) clients can share the same StorNext® 6 volume.

Virtualized RAID Kernel design provides super fast disk rebuild without sacrificing on-line performance.

Hosting select third-party applications. The modern, fully virtualized design allows for installation of workflow enhancing guest apps directly on the SymplyULTRA II.


Sync and transfer any size content anywhere – Fast, Simple, Secure

  • Move large media files quickly and safely
  • Full-featured solution for Mac, Windows, Linux and SymplyULTRA
  • Replicate workflows, jobs, archives or assets between locations quickly
  • Fast Intercontinental transfers using private relay services
  • Americas accelerated transfers with peer-to-peer acceleration
  • No hidden costs, nothing else to buy, free remote setup
  • Additional features available when used between SymplyULTRAs

Full-feature Sync And Transfer – Intra-workflow, Acquisition and Delivery

Choose the correct version to suit your workflow needs and budget

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