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Carry & Transport solutions
Providing carrying and transport solutions to professionals
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NANUK, providing carrying and transport solutions to professionals, technicians and sportsmen around the world for over 20 years.

Providing protective carry and transport solutions for specialty equipment in a variety of industries. NANUK protective cases are used for sensitive equipment such as medical devices, drones, cameras, firearms, A/V gear, measuring equipment, OEM product solutions, computers & communication equipment, and many other high-values professional equipment for over 20 years.

NANUK Designed to Go Places

NANUK protective cases are the result of years of testing both in the lab and on the field and offer unrivalled protection in a variety of sizes, configurations and colours, with its patented PowerClaw latching system and NK-7 resin outer shell, NANUK is built for nature’s most unforgiving conditions.
Rugged, waterproof and guaranteed for life, all NANUK cases are designed to withstand the smallest tumbles to the biggest shocks and everything in between. When it needs to get there in one piece, it needs to go in a NANUK.

NANUK features

  1. PowerClaw latching system
  2. Waterproof IP67 rated
  3. Impact Resistant NK-7 resin
  4. Padlockable
  5. Shoulder strap attachment
  6. Stackable
  7. Integrated bezel system
  8. Soft grip foldable handle
  9. Integrated lid stay
  10. Stainless steel hardware
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