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For more than forty years Seagate has been at the forefront of storage technology. From designing and building internal storage through to full enterprise systems, Seagate's drives can be found in datacentres, media studios, and Fortune 500 countries across the world.

Global Distribution is partnered with Seagate to provide leading storage solutions into the media and entertainment, security, finance, and enterprise markets.

Multi-actuator technology

Computing power, storage capacities, and storage performance. Everything has to evolve in order for technology innovators to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.

MACH.2 is the world’s first multi-actuator hard drive technology, containing two independent actuators that transfer data concurrently. MACH.2 solves the need for increased performance by enabling parallelism of data flows in and out of a single hard drive.

As higher densities on future hard drives reduce performance, Seagate's MACH.2™ multi-actuator technology will more than offset these pressures. That means customers with data-intensive applications will continue to enjoy the highest levels of hard drive performance – including IOPS, throughput, and reduced latency – while they simultaneously keep up with the need to manage ever-increasing quantities of data.

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