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Camera Accessory Brands

Camera Accessory Brands

Angelbird Show Deals Image

The quality and performance of their storage media is AngelBird’s top priority. Their portfolio includes SDXC memory cards, CFast cards, internal and external SSD drives and PCle solutions.

Angelbird see a world where everyone is a professional creative - united in the quest for beauty and truth. Driven by their passion for individual expression and our instinct for innovation, Angelbird rely on our technical expertise to create camera-specific memory and work flow solutions that elevate the potential of your tech.

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Hedbox is a global technology company that manufactures and designs high-performance batteries and accessories for the photo and video market. New Professional V-Lock battery pack NERO with revolutionary Cells Framing Construction System provides extra security and stability to the inner battery cells. Compared to all the other Battery Brands this new advanced system not only makes the NERO batteries much safer for daily professional use but also for transportation.

With many other products, experience in precision and product quality, gives Hedbox a distinctive advantage this unique design approach, coupled with features that customers have yearned for, leads to an outstanding product range of professional power solutions.

As a leader in battery and power management solutions for creative users in the media and entertainment industry, Hedbox’s product line-up includes DV Battery Packs, Pro Battery Packs, Chargers and V-Lock Battery Plates, with support for all of the major camera manufacturers and leading peripheral brands.

Shape Show Deals Image

Professional and ergonomic camera kits and accessories. Lifetime warranty. Crafted in Montreal, Canada. Shape fill the demand for specialised camera complementary equipment built for amateurs and professionals. The manufacture supports and custom-builds equipment for video/photo cameras greatly reduce weariness and constraints.

Founded in 2007, SHAPE wlb Inc. is a global brand with a strong reputation for excellence, innovation, design and craftsmanship. The couple and co-founders, Mylène Girard and Charles Vallières, were both working within film industry for over 15 years before launching their own business. Mylène was working as an assistant camera operator on sets and Charles was running art departments for set building and special effects for various film studios.

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