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Upgrade to a QLogic 8Gb FC Switch and save 15%

July 25, 2012
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Upgrade to QLogic 8Gb Fibre Channel switches & Save Big.
There has never been a better time to upgrade to a 8Gb FC infrastructure with QLogic 8Gb FC switches. Until the end of September, 2012 trade in any previous-generation QLogic switch (e.g., 2Gb, 4Gb) or any generation competitor switch and receive a 15% Bonus registration discount on the QLogic 5800 Series.
Next-Generation SANs for Today’s Infrastructure
The newest addition to QLogic’s award-winning QLogic 5000 Series unleashes powerful data access possibilities for small to large enterprise customers. QLogic 5800V Stackable Switches offer SAN planners the best choice to cost-effectively handle current needs now while preparing for future known and unknown competitive business requirements.
•• Affordable entry as low as eight 8Gb device ports—plus four “always on” 10Gb stacking ports included (12 ports total)
•• 20Gb ISL bandwidth on demand—as needs change, upgrade your stacking ports
•• Full backwards-compatibility with existing 4Gb and 2Gb infrastructure
•• Expandable to twenty 8Gb device ports per switch (24 ports total)—or 120 device ports per multi-switch stack
•• Choice of cost-optimized single power supply (SB5800V) or high-availability dual power supply (SB5802V) models
Migrate to 8Gb at Your Own Pace
Thanks to widespread corporate plans for server virtualization or consolidation, along with the rapid adoption of multi-core processors, many SAN users are already recognizing the need for 8Gb network speeds. At a minimum, savvy IT managers know they must take the 8Gb transition into account when making their next equipment purchases. However, these same customers—and others who are not yet ready for 8Gb—also demand a solution that can be installed alongside existing infrastructure without requiring large up-front payments for capabilities that may be needed later. QLogic’s field-proven modular backbone architecture, a key component of the QLogic SAN lifecycle management framework, offers a powerful answer to this dual request, allowing customers to build SANs that will last far into the future while simultaneously providing the lowest cost of entry. The QLogic 5800V switch reduces both capital expense (CAPEX) and operating expense (OPEX) through all phases of technology roll-out.
Eligible 8Gb Fibre Channel Switches
Part Number &  Description
SB5800V-08A 8Gb FC, 8-port
SB5800V-08A8 8Gb FC, 8-port, with SFPs
SB5800V-08A-E (8) 8Gb ports enabled, plus (4) 10Gb stacking ports enabled, single integrated power supply
SB5800V-08A8-E (8) 8Gb ports enabled, plus (4) 10Gb stacking ports enabled, single integrated power supply, with SFPs
SB5802V-08A 8Gb FC, 8-port, dual power
SB5802V-08A8 8Gb FC, 8-port, dual power, with SFPs
SB5802V-20A8 8Gb FC, (20) ports + (4) 10Gb ports, dual power supplies, with SFPs and (1) stacking cable
SB5802V-08A-E (8) 8Gb ports enabled, plus (4) 10Gb stacking ports enabled, dual power supplies
SB5802V-08A8-E (8) 8Gb ports enabled, plus (4) 10Gb stacking ports enabled, dual redundant power supplies, with SFPs
SB5802V-20A8-E (20) 8Gb FC, plus (4) 10Gb stacking ports enabled, dual power supplies, with SFPs and (1) 3" XPAK stacking cable
A Certificate of Destruction form must be completed and returned. Resellers are liable for the collection and recycling of old product..
Bonus registration discount is eligible on a 1:1 ratio, ie; 1 switch trade-in for the purchase of 1 switch
Contact us for more information.
Terms and Conditions apply. E&oE.


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