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Tbox all-in-one SAN Storage Appliance introduced by Tiger Technology at IBC 2012.

September 7, 2012
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New content-aware storage appliance offers the simplicity of NAS and the performance characteristics of a true SAN.

Tiger Technology, a leading provider of high-performance, cross-platform SAN management software and integrated storage appliance solutions today announced the Tbox all-in-one SAN storage appliance.

The Tbox is a state of the art, high performance shared storage system that integrates all the components of a traditional metaSAN/metaLAN setup into a compact and highly optimised SAN appliance. It includes an MDC, a highly optimised RAID, enterprise-class drives, 8Gb Fibre Channel as well as 10GbE and GbE switches and software. Tbox is ideal for demanding workflows, such as video and film editing, colour grading, special FX as well as on-set 2K and 4K film capture with instant dailies logging and editing.

“For the past decade Tiger Technology has been involved in designing and supporting thousands of high-performance SAN’s” states Alexander Lefterov, CEO at Tiger Technology. “We’ve always wanted to make our technology simpler to integrate; more economical to use; and ultimately faster. We believe that the Tbox represents the ultimate solution for those seeking the simplicity and price point of a NAS with the speed of a true SAN”.

The Tbox appliance deploys with the simplicity of a NAS, but provides the performance characteristics of a true SAN. Multiple 8Gb Fibre Channel, 10GbE & GbE ports ensure easy connections and the most efficient block-level data transfers. If more workstations need to connect, an external switch can easily be added.

"Tiger's Tbox has been great for our dailies workflow," said Nice Shoes Head of Color, Lenny Mastrandrea. "The Tbox offers the storage, security and speed necessary when dealing with material for a television show, or any long form project. Larger projects often require a ton of storage space, as well as easy, but secure access to the material. Tbox offers those solutions to us in a single device. On top of that, it only took our engineers a half hour to install and calibrate, whereas a more traditional setup would have taken days."

The Tbox was designed principally for the media & entertainment industry. More than just a regular shared storage appliance, the Tbox will ship fully integrated with projectSTORE 2, a content-aware software technology designed to smooth out complex video production workflows.

“We’re thrilled to be introducing a new generation of content-aware storage appliances”added Lefterov. “By automatically indexing projects and creating media proxies, the Tbox will be first of a new kind of storage that knows about all the media and projects it contains and where they are used. The Tbox also continuously checks, defrags and optimises the SAN file system so it is always able to deliver optimal performances, even when working with complex image file sequence playback.”

Several options will include choice of multiple Fibre Channel, 10GbE and GbE, as well as combination. The Tbox appliances are expected to start shipping in Q4 2012 through a select network of trained and qualified Tiger Technology resellers. For sales inquiries please contact us.


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