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StrongLink Cognitive Data Management

May 30, 2017
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StrongLink puts you in control of all your data, across any file system, anywhere.

SIMPLY Data and Storage Management.
Reduce Storage Costs:
• Optimize existing storage
• Eliminate storage silos
• Eliminate complex migrations
• Eliminate vendor lock-in
Reduce Complexity:
• Single-pane-of-glass control panel
• Global data and storage management
• Versioning and audit trails
• Five-level deduplication
Improve Productivity:
• Global search and access across all storage silos
• Metadata-driven workflows and automation
• Self-Healing Architecture; No down time
• Simplified data and storage management
• Works with your existing storage
• Open standards: your data is never locked in
• Maximise storage ROI
• Seamlessy integrated clouds and archive
• Your data is always protected
StrongBox Data Solutions is a worldwide leader in big data storage, providing powerful solutions to many of the world’s largest corporations, governments and organizations.
SDS is a pioneer in simplifying data management and reducing storage costs with revolutionary technology. We make data storage simple, flexible and affordable and pride ourselves in offering customer support that is unmatched in the industry. SDS is a portfolio company of Partner One Capital which owns several enterprise software companies.
For more info about StronLink, contact sales@globaldistribution.com


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