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poolIt Pro by Tiger Technology now shipping!

October 16, 2009
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With storage requirements growing exponentially year after year at a rate of 50 to 140% users have a lot of data to store, backup and manage.

Tiger Technology is please to announce the release of poolIt Pro, a high value-add software product that helps users better manage their storage.
poolIt Pro allows you to;
  • Combine multiple volumes into a single, virtual pool.
  • Easily expand the capacity of existing storage infrastructures.
  • Migrate data from one storage device to another transparently.
  • Implement tiered storage to better match the type of data with the available resources.
  • Make use of all available space distributed across multiple devices and volumes.
  • Keep recently used files locally but transfer aging files to remote servers or other storage devices/volumes.
  • Create huge volumes safely and easily.

Terms such as "tiered storage", "data migration" and "unique namespace" are buzz words of the storage industry.  Companies like EMC, IBM and Dell have invested significantly in this area to address the needs of fortune 500 companies.  While these solutions are very scalable, they are expensive and complex to implement.  As a result small and medium-size facility owners have been left struggling, but not anymore thanks to this affordable virtualisation technology.

Take a closer look at poolIt Pro today.


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