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LaCie Rescue Data Recovery Service

March 30, 2022

It’s a simple fact of life that occasionally, drives fail – whether due to the hardware itself, or some other ‘mishap’. Anything from simply dropping the drive with all the day’s footage on it, to accidentally putting it through a wash cycle can and does happen. And when those drives do fail, you can bet that the data on there is absolutely irreplaceable.

The experts in data recovery

If your drive is made by LaCie, you can rest a little easier. Every single one of its drives under warranty includes its Rescue Data Recovery Services. This includes a free return of the device to one of three state-of-the-art Seagate laboratories (LaCie’s parent company) where the latest techniques are used to recover as much data as possible from the damaged drive. As Paul Steele – General Manager of the recovery service – neatly puts it, when people send in their damaged drives, they “are asking us to save their business, their photos, their music libraries – it’s the stuff that people really care about.”


Almost 90% success rate

A Radware May 2018 study of 3,000 US adults showed that 55% of people valued personal data above all other possessions, including their keys, cars, and even their wallets. When you consider that around 25% of users suffer data loss annually, you can see why LaCie is justifiably proud of its nearly 90% success rate when it comes to data recovery.

Of course there’s no substitute for running a regimented back-up system, and for big production studios, a 3:2:1 approach is a condition of their insurance. But for smaller businesses, independent film makers, and consumers there are often times when for whatever reason, backups haven’t been made. In these situations, LaCie’s Rescue Data Recovery Services can be a life saver.

It covers absolutely all forms of damage and the service begins with a simple phone call. As users have pointed out, this first phone call can change that horrible sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach into something more positive. The LaCie expert on the end of the line is there to help, and provide a level of service that makes every customer feel human and looked after.

On this initial call the agent explores and records the details of the device failure, before sending the customer a pre-paid shipping label to get the damaged drive into one of Seagate’s three laboratories: Oklahoma City, Toronto, or Amsterdam. Once the drive is received, the technicians get to work on a best-effort attempt to rescue the data, either through putting the drive in an enclosure and running bespoke recovery software, or by taking the drive apart piece by piece to identify and recover data from damaged sections of a platter, for example.

Peace of mind as standard

It’s complex and time-consuming work which not only demands teams of experienced technicians, but also the laboratory environment, precision tools, and technology to get to the heart of the problem and implement the solution. There really is no better place to send a drive than to the company who made it in the first place.

All of this is done as part of the warranty that comes with every LaCie drive in the range, including SSDs – a confident step that shows that LaCie not only has faith that very few of its drives will develop faults, but also that on the rare occasion that one does, the Rescue Data Recovery Services can recover the data stored on it.

When data is recovered through the service, it’s returned to the customer on storage media and made available in cloud storage for 60 days. As you’d expect, confidentiality is assured: the content of drives is never accessed, it’s merely seen as blocks of data. On the rare occasion data can’t be recovered, the drive is returned to the user.

With normal use and a strict back-up regimen, your drives should give you years of stress-free storage. But for added peace of mind, LaCie has your back if you have no back up, thanks to the almost 90% success rate of its Rescue Data Recovery Services. And all at no extra cost.


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