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Join us at BSC 2022

March 9, 2022
BSC 2022 with Global Distribution

We’re excited to announce that we’ll exhibiting at BSC from 7th - 9th April. Now that events are back up and running it’s great to see that BSC will be back at Battersea. With a few precautions for good measure. 

You can find us right at the front of the building where we’ll showcasing Symply storage solutions, LaCie, Seagate, ATTO, Hedbox, and RED as part of a workflow demonstration. 

Each brand brings something unique to the production pipeline of film and TV projects. Shooting on RED cameras with Hedbox delivering power, offloading content with LaCie’s 2big Dock and the SymplyDIT LTO, working on projects with the SymplySPARK personal RAID powered by Seagate MACH.2 drives, and archiving data with a full range of desktop and rack-mounted LTO solutions. Here’s what we’re bringing to the table... 


RED’s own booth is across the stairs from us, but we’ll have the DSCM2 MONSTRO 8K and RANGER GEMINI 5K on hand to show off the capabilities of the rest of the workflow lineup. These cameras will be powered by Hedbox Nero V-lock batteries for sustained, reliable performance. And they’re so much lighter than the competition. 

When you’ve filled your camera media it’s vitally important to take at least three copies of it for a robust backup policy. This is where the versatility of Thunderbolt-enabled devices comes in. We’ll have a LaCie 2big Dock daisy-chained into a SymplyDIT LTO for fast, efficient offloading of data. You can see how a live backup process works as we copy media to SSDs and LTO tape using just these two devices and a laptop. 


Once you’re in the studio a fast, high-performance RAID solution is nothing short of integral to the process. It ensures a smooth editing experience and improves your delivery times immeasurably. The SymplySPARK XT personal desktop RAID uses Seagate MACH.2 hard drives to deliver SSD write speeds of up to 1977 MB/s (measured with ATTO diskbench). 

LaCie comes into play here, too, with their Rugged RAID Shuttle – an 8TB mobile drive that can easily handle being popped in the post. Ferry footage to and from the studio without worrying about damaging the data.  


After you’ve delivered your final files you’ll need to clear off space on your primary storage for the next project, which is why tools for archiving are so important. Using just a laptop and a SymplyPRO LTO XTH, we’ll show how you can offload terabytes of data on LTO tapes for safe, long-term storage. 

We’ll see you in Battersea! 


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