Introducing the Atomos Ninja V+

Introducing the Atomos Ninja V+

Consistently proving itself to be Atomos’ most successful 5″ monitor-recorder to date, the ever-evolving Ninja V continues to adapt to meet the demands of users by incorporating new features and an increasingly long list of ProRes RAW integrations. Today, we are pleased to announce the Ninja V+ a brand-new member of the Atomos product line-up that sits alongside the Ninja V.  

Ninja V+ builds on the award-winning Ninja V with next-gen chip technology that enables higher frame rates and higher resolutions for ProRes RAW recording over HDMI. Ninja V+ features the same light-weight, compact design as the Ninja V and utilises the same 1000-nit 5” HDR display, now with support for up to 8K 30p and 4K 120p recording through the HDMI input. 

Launching alongside the Ninja V+ will be a Ninja V+ Pro Kit that is very similar in principle to the Ninja V Pro Kit; it includes an AtomX SDI Module, AtomX 5” Sun Hood and D-Tap coiled cable while having the SDI-RAW license pre-activated on the Ninja V+.  

With the announcement of Ninja V+ comes another paid-for license option for Ninja V and Ninja V+ in the form of H.265 codec support. Ninja V+ will ship with H265 support pre-activated, while existing Ninja V users will have the option to purchase the license directly from

Key features of Ninja V+ 

  • ProRes RAW recording over HDMI up to 4K 120p 
  • ProRes RAW recording over HDMI up to 8K 30p 
  • H.265 pre-activated 
  • Access to PLUS features in future AtomOS firmware upgrades alongside future AtomX accessories 
  • Ships with extra high-quality accessories including EVA style case and neoprene sleeve in addition to the standard Worldwide AC/DC Power Adapter, Battery Eliminator and Master Caddy II. 

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Ninja V+ Pro Kit additional features 

  • SDI-RAW pre-activated 
  • ProRes RAW recording over SDI up to 8K 30p 
  • ProRes RAW recording over SDI up to 4K 120p 
  • RAW to Video cross conversion 
  • Ships with AtomX SDI Module, AtomX 5” Sun Hood and a D-Tap coiled cable in addition to the standard Ninja V+ accessories. 

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Cameras that will benefit from Ninja V+ 

Support for high-frame rates at 4K and resolutions up to 8K is very exciting for content creators and following Sony’s recent announcements both the FX6 and FX9 will take advantage of the Ninja V+ Pro Kit’s capability of recording up to 4K 120p over SDI-RAW. Z-CAM E2 and E2-M4 cameras will also support up to 4K 120p over HDMI with Ninja V+. Cameras capable of 8K 30p output are expected in the market from mid-2021. 

A little more about the new H.265 license 

Having been a long-time request of Atomos users, H.265 codec support is finally here, with H.264 support coming in a future firmware update. This new codec support enables 10-bit and 8-bit recording at 4:2:2 and 8-bit recording at 4:2:0 in either LQ, MQ and HQ quality settings resulting in data rates of from up to 100Mbps to up to 350Mbps. While Ninja V+ comes pre-activated for H.265 support, Ninja V users will be able to purchase a license activation in May from for $99. 

The ability to record in H.265 is perfect for:

  • Recording long-form sessions on a fraction of the drive space. 
  • Capturing a delivery codec that is ready to share for video stream and presentation, upload to CDN or Intranets etc. 
  • Providing a small, easy to work with proxy for ARRI and RED users through simultaneous recording of H.265 alongside the internal RAW formats on the camera; all with the same filenames and timecode, and the option to burn in a LUT to the H.265. 
  • Updating an existing MPEG AVC workflow to HEVC H.265.