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Introducing Kyno, smart all-in-one Media Management for macOS & Windows

September 12, 2018
Kyno Software

We're excited to introduce you to Kyno, the media management app for macOS and Windows. Over the past two years Kyno has garnered a strong following among filmmakers, camera enthusiasts, editors, journalists, broadcasters and creative professionals in general due to its versatility and ease of use. Kyno makes common tasks throughout typical workflows from camera and media organisation through editing and delivery both faster and easier, and its achievements have not gone unnoticed with outstanding reviews being received in the press and user communities.

What is Kyno?
It’s an easy to learn and simple to use all-in-one application used by creatives on macOS and Windows that provides media browsing, a universal player, logging and metadata editing, multi-purpose production assistance, file organisation, and a file-format converter (transcoding and re-wrapping).

  • Efficient Media Browser - ?Browse videos directly from any storage device with no ingest required. Use Kyno's powerful drilldown function to flatten and filter the content of a whole storage volume and define media aware filters such as framerate and resolution to find the files you're looking for.
  • ?Pro-Grade Universal Player - Play virtually any format with an accurate state-of-the art video player with support for playback at normal (source) or adjusted speeds - perfect for high-frame rate material. Preview Log footage with LUTs applied and because nobody works with video alone, Kyno also supports images (including many RAW formats) & audio files.
  • ?Media Management & Metadata Editing? - Tag, rate and describe media and use that information to find content. Use Kyno's powerful media aware renaming engine to organize files, then send clips including metadata to Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.
  • Workflow & Production Assistant - Kyno's lightweight subclip feature lets users define the interesting parts of long takes and export them to drastically reduce the file size of projects. Create Excel shotlists for team
    communication. The delivery feature in Kyno Premium allows users to transfer concise media packages including metadata for ingest into MAMs or direct import into Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.
  • Powerful Transcoding Engine - Kyno sports a powerful and easy to use transcoding engine to convert footage for editing or delivery. Target formats include h.264, ProRes, Cineform and many more. It also allows lossless re-wrapping for some formats. Kyno can even apply filters, burn-in timecode and LUTs during conversion. Kyno Premium adds P2, MXF & DNxHD support.

Kyno is sold as a perpetual electronic software license through a license key in Standard and Premium Editions. Licenses are per user/workstation activation and include free software updates for 1-year. Annual coverage of software updates can be purchased additionally.

Key features of Kyno Standard Edition:

  • Intuitive Media Management for macOS and Windows.
  • Search and view media at lightning-fast speeds through a simple, intuitive interface.
  • Wide support for industry standard file-formats and codecs.
  • Camera and creative LUT support.
  • Final Cut Pro and Premier Pro integration.
  • Simple batch transcode functionality.

Additional key features of Kyno Premium Edition:

  • Broadcast format support including Panasonic P2, Avid DNxHD, MxF.
  • Transfer support via FTP, SFTP and Local file-systems.
  • Metadata transfer including via FCP XML and Excel.
  • Predefined metadata sets for pre- and batch assignment.
  • Advanced settings for shared network cache, audio channel mapping and denoise filter.

Watch and overview of Kyno or learn about Kyno for Broadcast and News, or how Kyno works for Drone users.

Please contact us for further information on Kyno, or to request demonstration or evaluation licenses.

Kyno will be on show at IBC 2018 on the Global Distribution stand 7.A55; opposite Avid and adjacent to Blackmagic Design.


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