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Introducing “Atomos Videogram” the Future of Pro Content Delivery and Promotion.

April 13, 2015

Videogram is an award winning platform for discovery, engagement and monetizing of online video. Set to be a huge deal for filmmakers, the online platform takes an existing Vimeo or YouTube video and creates a pictorial summary based on an advanced algorithm, leaving the viewer with a tiled summary of the entire clip by scene, with tile sizes reflecting importance. The process is simple and automated with a dashboard to fine tune to the videographer’s preference. The format allows the user to pick and choose where to start watching and in turn share, like and comment on just that section of the video. Filmmakers could have their demo reel on Videogram and know from the analytics which parts in particular are creating engagement with potential clients, Sports broadcasters can use it to create single page summaries of the game, and Wedding videographers can use Videogram to succinctly convey the mood of the event they have captured.

Atomos have worked with Videogram to create a dedicated destination (atomos.videogram.com) whereby we will take videographer footage and allow them to create Videograms for free.

“I truly believe the industry has been screaming for this type of pictorial story telling, obsoleting the one tile per video we are used to and actually allowing users to navigate to parts of their pro video or commercial content visually and play that content with the click of a button. Atomos customers and any content creation professional can utilize this amazing service to showcase their work with viewers consuming in the most advanced way ever.”said Jeromy Young CEO of Atomos.

“With Atomos Videogram you can showcase your videos in the Videogram format at no cost to you.” said Sandeep Casi, founder of Videogram. “Videogram is a revolutionary user experience format that Showtime, Sony, Capital Records, Turner, Warner, CBS, ABC, Disney, Fox, HBO and others have field tested and are preparing to deploy. Atomos is the leading edge technology brand for producing high resolution pro quality content, now we bring you that leading edge for the consumer experience of your content.”

The Founder of Videogram, Sandeep Casi will be presenting at the Atomos 4K Dome (Central Hall, C8825) on Wednesday and Thursday at NAB.


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