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Forth-coming Samurai HD-SDI to ProRes 10-bit field recorder announced by Atomos.

April 8, 2011

Built on technology debuted in the revolutionary Ninja HDMI to Apple ProRes touchscreen HD field recorder comes the Samurai, offering HD-SDI input and video loop-through as well as a larger, higher-resolution touchscreen display.

Capturing uncompressed 10-bit HD through HD-SDI in pristine quality via real-time encoding to Apple's visually lossless ProRes format makes the Samurai the ideal recorder of choice for video professionals wanting to avoid the numerous
fit-falls of in-camera recording.
The Samurai, like the Ninja, records to low-cost removable 2.5" hard drive drives or solid state drives known as Master Caddies. The Master Caddy allows for recorded footage to be directly accessed on a computer or edit station via the Atomos Docking Station - connecting over FireWire 800, USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. It has a super high-resolution 5" display that not only offers a superb HD/SD monitor but also provides the same intuitive touchscreen user interface for recording, monitoring and playback operations. The Samurai also supports timecode and genlock with the ability to synchronise multiple units.
Samurai is currently scheduled for release by the end of Summer 2011.


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