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Discover the Tiger Box, designed for creative professions!

October 1, 2020
 - 3:00pm
Online Talks
Tiger Technology - Tiger Box Webinar Image

Tiger Box ships pre-installed with Tiger Technology’s industry leading software defined data management and workflow tools, ready to plug and play in 10 minutes. Allowing for cross platform high-speed data sharing over 10Gb, 25Gb and 40Gb Ethernet, Project Management, support for AVID Bin Locking, data tiering options to LTO and Cloud, and the ability to add full MAM capabilities. All backed Up up by 24/7 technical support as standard.

Innovative technology, with industry leading 24/7 support.

Presented by
Georgi Atzev, Tiger-Technology Pre-Sales Engineer & Nick Warburton, Brand Director, Global Distribution.


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