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DDN reaches 1.2PB per rack milestone, and releases breakthrough Enterprise SATA storage system.

September 8, 2009
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DataDirect Networks (DDN), Inc. the data infrastructure provider for the most extreme, content-intensive environments in the world, today announced that it has now doubled the capacity, density and power-efficiency of storage management for customers of its award-winning S2A storage systems. Introducing support for high-capacity two terabyte enterprise and low-power SATA hard-drives, DDN has again achieved the highest levels of space and power efficiency, while also making it cost-effective and reliable for customers to deploy large, consolidated pools of SATA storage sized up to 2.4 petabytes of disk capacity per storage system.
"For the past 10 years, DDN has made a significant investment in enabling high-capacity storage environments," said Paul Bloch, President, DataDirect Networks. "More than announcing support for larger drives, DDN is proud to be delivering a truly scalable petabyte-level enterprise SATA storage infrastructure with self-healing storage intelligence. Having engineered the highest capacity and density levels in the industry, DDN is delivering remarkable levels of cost-efficiency while also safeguarding customer data with DDN's trademark data and performance integrity protections."
Industry-Leading High-Density Storage Packaging.
With over 5 years of high-density leadership, DDN's StorageScaler 6000 enclosure is designed to hold 60 drives in only 4U of rack space. The StorageScaler 6000 is the foundation of the DDN product family and is used across all DDN storage product lines, the S2A9900, S2A9700, S2A6620 and newly announced SFA10000 and WOS products. With this increased system capacity support, DDN systems can now achieve the following;
   • S2A6620: Up to 240TB, 120TB per 4U
   • S2A9900, S2A9700 & SFA10000: Up to 2.4 Petabytes, 1.2 Petabytes per Rack
   • WOS: Up to 12PB of Scalable, Replicated Cloud Storage, 1.2 PB per rack
Petabyte-Scale Self-Healing Storage, Proven Through 100s of Petabytes Shipped.
DDN storage technology is purpose-built to handle large pools of SATA storage and features several unique offerings to eliminate risks associated with SATA storage consolidation, including:
   • Drive Self Healing: DDN SATA technology is designed to power-cycle drives individually to return them to a healthy state, reducing SATA drive maintenance instances by up to 80%
   • SATAssure Parity Checking: DDN systems are designed to perform parity verification and correction during every read event to eliminate the risk of silent data corruption
   • Partial Drive Rebuilding: By only rebuilding changed data, DDN partial rebuild technology dramatically reduces drive and disk enclosure rebuild times from days to minutes to ensure rapid recovery and minimized risk of concurrent multi-disk failures. This feature dramatically increases the reliability of a high-capacity storage array, where full 2TB drive rebuilds can take as much as 2 days or more.
Advanced MAID Technology for Data Center Energy Efficiency.
With Dynamic-MAID, DDN enables systems to dynamically spin down disks and enter a power saving mode based on user-specified parameters. Users of DDN D-MAID can save over £65,000 in energy costs over a 3-year period. D-MAID integrates into scalable backup, VTL and de-duplication environments to minimise data center costs of data protection and active archive systems.
Minimum Storage Overhead
DDN technology provides an easy path to high-speed, highly-reliable RAID 6 with 80% capacity utilisation. Unlike scale-out technologies, DDN delivers an attractive balance of performance, data protection and cost-efficiency. At 80%, customers can store up to 960TB of content per data center rack, an industry-leading capability.


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