DDN and Milestone enable speed, scalability and simplicity for megapixel surveillance.

DDN and Milestone enable speed, scalability and simplicity for megapixel surveillance.

DataDirect Networks xStreamScaler Video Storage Solution with Milestone XProtect™ IP video management software to increase scalability by up to 1000% for customers.

DataDirect Networks (DDN), Inc. the leading data infrastructure provider for scalable, content-intensive enterprises, today announced a joint certification with Milestone XProtect software for use with DDN’s award-winning S2A xStreamScaler intelligent file storage system. Together, these products enable megapixel video surveillance customers to enjoy unprecedented performance, scalability and infrastructure consolidation.
In a departure from conventional methods, the integration between Milestone XProtect and DDN xStreamScaler enables a file-based approach to video storage, and delivers 1000 times the volumetric scalability as compared to conventional and scale-out iSCSI technology. With multi-petabyte single volume support, the DDN xStreamScaler platform enables a globally accessible, scalable pool of video storage, compared to 16TB volumes that can become compartmentalised and siloed in standard iSCSI environments.
The xStreamScaler platform is designed to support hundreds to thousands of IP cameras accessing a common video storage archive, while also enabling key capabilities for video security environments such as full replication for archive disaster recovery, as well as out-of-band data access to enable real-time review of surveillance data while also preserving video ingest performance.

“We are very pleased to partner with Milestone, and create an offering that can reshape the surveillance industry,” said Alex Bouzari, CEO of DataDirect Networks. “The Milestone XProtect suite of security software is the perfect complement to the video-optimised capabilities of the DDN xStreamScaler platform, and we are delighted to see the platform scale in capacity by 1000 percent and in performance by over 300 percent with our products. Now, more than ever, security organizations can streamline infrastructure and effortlessly expand their surveillance efforts to tackle growing resolutions and retention periods.”

DDN xStreamScaler platform is built upon intelligent video streaming and buffering capabilities designed to dramatically reduce the amount of load and latency seen during the video ingest and review processes as compared to conventional DAS and iSCSI SAN methods. As a result of this video-optimised capability, DDN has demonstrated the ability to scale up the amount of cameras supported by Milestone XProtect video management software by over 300 percent per server compared to iSCSI-based solutions.
“Customers can now leverage Milestone’s open and independent IP video surveillance platform with the performance and scalability associated with DDN,” said Lars Thinggaard, CEO of Milestone Systems. “Together, Milestone and DDN are enabling organisations to better meet the needs of megapixel video environments through this scale-out, file-based approach.”

DDN are exhibiting with Milestone at the IFSEC 2010 Global Annual Security Event in Birmingham, England.  Please visit both companies in Hall 4, Booth F90.  Global Distribution are also exhibiting at IFSEC 2010 in partnership with DDN.