ATTO Technology's Success Story with Pinewood Studios

ATTO Technology’s Success Story with Pinewood Studios

Pinewood Studios provides world-class facilities for television and film production services from around the globe. Their creative industry knowledge enabled the creation of recent films such as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


Pinewood Digital (Pinewood Studios Dailies facility) previously ran an IP-based storage solution, which delivered data over a 10Gb Ethernet network. However, with the introduction of new large format cameras such as the Arri ALEXA 65 and ‘scan once’ 35mm workflows they have seen a significant growth in file sizes. Their existing infrastructure simply could not cope with the increased volume of data, which forced Pinewood to seek out a solution that can handle the data demands of today and tomorrow.

Pinewood Digital is responsible for processing both data shot on digital cameras and from traditional film scanning workflows. Data is ingested to servers, from which the media is color corrected, processed for editing and online review. They are also responsible for facilitating long and short term archival of the data to both linear and disk based mediums.


Speed was a driving factor in Pinewood Digital upgrading their infrastructure from IP-based to a Fibre Channel SAN. Additionally their clients use Apple Macs, which require a Thunderbolt™ adapter to connect to external Fibre Channel storage.

ATTO ThunderLink® 2162 Thunderbolt 2 to 16Gb Fibre Channel adapters provide key Fibre Channel connectivity, by connecting to Fibre Channel switches and a Rohde and Schwarz SpycerBox with ATTO Celerity™ Fibre Channel HBAs.

Pinewood Digital has over 15 servers with 40 clients attached across various sites. By upgrading to a Fibre Channel SAN they received huge increases in speed and significantly enhanced project sharing and collaboration. ATTO ThunderLink is designed to support the work of creative professionals who need to create highquality deliverables within tight schedules. Their design, compatibility, performance and support make them faster, more powerful and reliable than any other Thunderbolt adapter.

Head of Pinewood Digital, Thom Berryman, chooses to use ATTO products for Pinewood’s connectivity peripherals including ATTO ExpressSAS® HBAs as a quick and reliable solution for LTO archiving. “They just always work straight out of the box” Berryman says of ATTO’s portfolio. ATTO also achieves Berryman’s goal of being able to support a variety of operating systems including Mac®, Windows® and Linux®.

ATTO products work right out of the box and are optimized to support the growing data needs of creative professionals who are creating content for the small screen to the silver screen.

Solution Components

• ATTO ThunderLink 2162

• Rohde and Schwartz SpycerBox

• 16Gb Fibre Channel Switches

• Apple Mac Pro®

• StorNext file system

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