CacheAssure™ Technology comes to ATTO's RAID Adapters and FastStream products.

CacheAssure™ Technology comes to ATTO’s RAID Adapters and FastStream products.

NV Cache Data Protection Module for ATTO RAID solutions.

ATTO Technology have developed CacheAssure Technology™, a maintenance-free, NV cache data protection module that safeguards against the loss of cached data during a power or system failure, and is available for ATTO’s ExpressSAS 6Gb RAID Adapters, and FastStream RAID Storage Controllers.
CacheAssure is a more reliable data-recovery alternative to battery backup units as it is based on capacitor technology that does not require lengthy charge times to start protecting cached data.  In the event of a power or system failure CacheAssure instantly detects the failure and preserves all cached data in nonvolatile memory on the RAID adapter/storage controller allowing data to be maintained and safeguarded until power is restored to the system.  Upon reboot of the system CacheAssure provides quick and easy access to the cached data from the nonvolatile memory as soon as all of the system drives are ready to accept the transfer and data is verified.  Competitive solutions immediately flush the cached data upon system re-boot, which risks data loss in the event that the drives do not come online or are unavailable.
ATTO’s ExpressSAS 6Gb/s SAS/SATA RAID Adapters and FastStream Storage Controllers provide high-performance connectivity for bandwidth-intensive applications, and now – through the addition of CacheAssure Technology – ATTO’s RAID products deliver a long-lasting and reliable cached data protection solution for today’s modern IT and data centre environments.
The Benefits of CacheAssure
  • Lifetime Backup – CacheAssure protects cached data for up to 10-years, offering a more substantial return on investment over traditional battery backup units (BBUs).  Typically BBUs last approximately 1 to 2 years before needing to be replaced and only provide upwards of 72-hours or data protection.
  • Immediate RAID Protection – Maintain productivity levels with immediate response times when there is a power system failure (batteries require up to 8-hours or charging time before being operational).  This provides peace-of-mind over long holiday weekends or extended periods of facility closure.
  • Zero Maintenance – Monitoring the charge levels of batteries is an ineffective use of resources and the replacement of batteries, which age and wear out more rapidly, often requires system downtime.  CacheAssure eliminates all of these concerns.
  • Environmentally Friendly – CacheAssure is a battery-less technology that is not required to adhere to strict disposal and shipping regulations.  This reduces the costs and the negative environmental effects associated with battery use and disposal.