Cache-A launches Pro-Cache5 with LTO-5 tape technology.

Cache-A launches Pro-Cache5 with LTO-5 tape technology.

Cache-A today introduce Pro-Cache5, a revolutionary archive appliance for digital film, broadcast and video professionals working with file-based workflows. One of the first LTO-5 archive products on the market, Pro-Cache5 takes advantage of this next generation technology to offer nearly double the storage capacity of existing LTO-4 cartridges – LTO-5 cartridge provides 1.5TB native capacity – while also providing notably faster archiving speeds.

Cache-A are debuting the new Pro-Cache5 at this years National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB 2010), on their Booth SL7906 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas, running from 12th to 15th April.
“Pro-Cache5 offers the most advanced tap-based storage technology and defines a new category of archive appliances,” said Phil Ritti, President and CEO of Cache-A Corporation.  “Pro-Cache5 offers many of the advanced on-set and in-studio features demanded by today’s media industry professionals for content archiving, interchange and access.  At the same time, it offers the most cost-effective way to manage multiple terabytes of archived data in a professional media environment.”
Building on the acclaimed and highly adaptable Pro-Cache platform, the small form factor Pro-Cache5 enables creative professionals to create source masters in acquisition workflows when using memory card or disk-based cameras. At the same time, it also provides long-term archival storage with easy access to content assets at every stage of production.

Leveraging the technical innovations of LTO-5, Pro-Cache5 further extends data tape’s key role in ensuring long-term content retention, archiving and disaster recovery. Pro-Cache5 writes data on low-cost, secure, portable, interchangeable and IT industry-standard LTO-5 tape cartridges using the standard “tar” format, with an archive life of 30 years. LTO-5 offers read/write compatibility with LTO-4 to ensure a truly future-proof solution that protects investments, eases implementation and permits source master content to be accessed over a long period of time.

The Pro-Cache Platform
Based on the upgradeable and expandable Pro-Cache platform, both the LTO-5 based Pro-Cache5 and LTO-4 based Pro-Cache4 network-attached archive appliances are easy to install and use. Operating system-independent, they can be deployed into Windows, MacOS and Unix environments to provide direct access to archived data from any platform with simultaneous multi-user access and volume sharing.

Both the rack-mountable Pro-Cache5 and Pro-Cache4 (formerly known simply as Pro-Cache) offer an internal 2TB of RAID disk storage configurable as either striped for maximum speed (RAID 0) or for data redundancy with mirrored reliability (RAID 1). With additional ExpressCard and eSATA connections, the Pro-Cache platform is ideal for the fast archiving of direct connected storage. It also offers SAS connections for high-speed mounts and expansion as well as a sturdy three rack unit (3U)/half rack chassis for industrial compatibility.

About Cache-A Corporation
One of the first companies to introduce an LTO-5 product, Cache-A is a leading supplier of network-attached archive appliances for the digital film, broadcast and professional video industries. Cache-A’s archive appliances provide both source masters for digital acquisition and project archives, using low cost and easy to deploy configurations based on industry standard LTO tape. For more information click here.