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ATTO Storage Products Thunderbolt Certified for Windows 7 & 8.

August 8, 2013
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ATTO Storage Products Thunderbolt Certified for Windows 7 and 8

ATTO Technology, Inc. distributed in EMEA by Global Distribution, announced Thunderbolt interoperability and certification with Windows 7 and 8 for its line of Thunderlink and ThunderStream storage connectivity products.

The line includes the Thunderlink Thunderbolt to FC, Thunderbolt to SAS/SATA, and ThunderStream Thunderbolt to SAS/SATA RAID Desklink devices. As the industry's only connectivity provider that allows Thunderbolt access to enterprise storage, ATTO offers a full suite of software-based productivity and performance-enhancing solutions that support Windows 7 and 8 platforms.

"Thunderbolt delivers unparalleled performance, flexibility and simplicity to professional computing," said Jason Ziller, Intel's director of Thunderbolt marketing. "Products like the Thunderlink and ThunderStream from ATTO help highlight what Thunderbolt makes possible."

ATTO Desklink devices are storage and network connectivity products for Thunderbolt-enabled platforms, including mobile devices such as laptops and ultrabooks. These solutions allow professionals to use high-end, data-intensive applications on Thunderbolt-enabled platforms and portable computers in mobile environments. They incorporate the versatility to handle any protocol and any host while addressing the demands of rapidly evolving work environments and allowing access to enterprise data center networks.

"Based on our 15 plus year relationship with Microsoft, ATTO continues to offer Windows users a tremendous advantage when utilizing our devices within their storage infrastructure," said Wayne Arvidson, VP marketing, ATTO. "ATTO's support of Windows 7 and 8 through our Thunderlink and ThunderStream products make it possible to work with content in a variety of environments anywhere, any time. We are excited to be at the forefront of technology with the only available products that offer Windows users Thunderbolt-enabled access to enterprise storage on a level never before possible, and recent announcements indicate that Thunderbolt will be widely deployed on workstations and servers as well."

Included in portfolio of Windows 7 and Windows 8 certified solutions are:

ThunderLink FC 1082 acts as an external Thunderbolt to FC adapter, connecting all-in-one systems and mobile computing platforms to 8Gb FC SANs and storage devices. With dual port configurations, the 8Gb FC Desklink device is a solution for users looking to achieve the highest I/O and data throughput for advanced video and access to IT applications.

ThunderLink SH 1068 Desklink device gives you the freedom to connect your Thunderbolt-enabled platform to SAS/SATA storage devices. In addition, SAS tape drives can be connected to the ThunderStream to provide access for backup software and LTFS tape applications.

ThunderStream SC 3808D adds ATTO's RAID protection to SAS/SATA disk arrays. This protection may be enhanced by adding tape devices for use with backup software and LTFS tape applications

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