AtomOS 5.2 brings HDR & Log>Rec709 monitoring to Blade series!

AtomOS 5.2 brings HDR & Log>Rec709 monitoring to Blade series!

Atomos release AtomOS 5.2 for Ninja Blade and Samurai Blade, bringing AtomHDR and Log-to-Rec709 monitoring features to these award-winning 5” HD monitor-recorders.

HDR video is the biggest step forward in how we see and produce video for a generation and finally we see better pixels, rather than more pixels. HDR pushes the boundaries of conventional capture and display capability and bridges the gap between what we see on a screen and reality as we see it with our eyes. Any Log capable camera is suitable for HDR production and with the release of AtomOS 5.2 for the award-winning 5” HD monitor-recorder Blade series, users of HD cameras can now see the true capability of their camera for HDR production and benefit from advanced waveform tools to assist in the accurate exposure of Log images for High Dynamic Range content. Users also have built-in camera Log-to-Rec709 LUTs available when not shooting for HDR.

Watch the AtomOS 5.2 Feature Video*

AtomOS 5.2 new feature high-lights are as follows;

  • Addition of AtomHDR monitoring including HDR waveform functions as outlined below;
  • HDR, Log to Rec.709 and Native Video Source monitor modes – touch the new yellow “Monitor” button on screen.
  • HDR mode contains a slider to adjust the number of stops over SDR (Standard Dynamic Range – Rec709) being displayed on the monitor. Stops beyond +3.0 (800% Rec709) above SDR are possible but a warning will be displayed due to the darkening image on screen – this is a limitation of the 400nit brightness capability of the Blade screen.
  • While in AtomHDR mode, a simplified HDR waveform line has been added to easily set the correct slider position for the dynamic range of the scene.
  • HDR monitoring is supported for the Log output from the following cameras; Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Arri, JVC and RED.

Download the Atomos HDR White Paper*

AtomOS 5.2 is a FREE firmware upgrade for all existing Atomos Ninja Blade and Samurai Blade users as well as being available to all new users when purchasing a Blade series product.

Ninja Blade and Samurai Blade are available for £349 / €495 excluding taxes and include comprehensive accessory kits inside an ABS Carry Case.