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Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) Integrates with Tiger Technology's metaSAN.

February 9, 2011
ADA is the First Digital Archiving Platform to Support metaSAN

Atempo and Tiger Technology Deliver Simplified Storage Management and Archiving to Creative Professionals

Atempo, a leading provider of cross-platform data protection and archiving solutions, today announced that Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) has been certified for metaSAN, a high-speed file sharing SAN (storage area network) management application from Tiger Technology, a provider of SAN and workgroup management software solutions for creative professionals.

This certification allows joint customers with rich media files to integrate metaSAN into their existing workflow environments. Atempo Digital Archive enables end-users to archive data either manually, automatically, or through policies and applications such as Final Cut Pro, from metaSAN storage to tape libraries or other storage devices. Media assets can then be retrieved, through metadata indexing from and to metaSAN managed storage resources.

“Broadcasters, film producers and post-production facilities produce huge amounts of digital data that must be ingested, edited, distributed, archived and managed daily,” said Alex Lefterov, chief executive officer, Tiger Technology. “The seamless interoperability between metaSAN and Atempo Digital Archive offers our mutual customers a high-performance, cross-platform, file-level SAN with simplified storage management and file archiving capabilities. Together we are setting new standards for ease-of-use, flexibility and overall value.”

Atempo Digital Archive is the first archiving solution to integrate with metaSAN, and its proxyIO technology ensures it offers unbeatable performance in Windows, Linux and Mac OS environments. Atempo Digital Archive also fully supports metaLAN, the cost-effective version of Tiger Technology’s flagship metaSAN software, designed specifically to be used in conjunction with metaLAN clients.

“This certification is part of our ongoing commitment to provide customers in the creative, media and entertainment market with a sophisticated archiving solution. Customers with rich media files need an easy way to manage and protect their digital data. Atempo Digital Archive together with Tiger Technology’s metaSAN provides just that,” said Richard Heitmann, vice president, marketing at Atempo.

Atempo Time Navigator, a comprehensive server backup solution, is also compatible with metaSAN.

About metaSAN
metaSAN is a high-speed, cross-platform, file-level sharing SAN management software that sets new standards for workgroup collaboration. metaSAN enables multiple users to share access to common data files in workgroups where heavy bandwidth requirements are the norm. Targeted to the needs of digital content creation professionals involved with the creation of animation, digital intermediates, audio, graphics, satellite imagery, video clips, etc., as part of the production process, the software also meets the needs of a wide range of enterprise users in other markets including imaging, digital prepress and corporate/government.

About Atempo Digital Archive (ADA)
For customers in media and entertainment, Atempo Digital Archive goes beyond preservation and hierarchical storage management (HSM), to actively participate in the day-to-day workflow. Today, more organisations require creative assets to be retained at different stages in its lifecycle. Raw data, edited files and final projects need to be protected, as any version may need to be leveraged for future projects. ADA’s transparency to end-users and critical integration with widely-used creative applications allows those individuals to easily archive at various steps in the content creation process and pull information into and out of the archives as needed. This enables users to transfer media assets stored in Final Cut Server and other applications into a wide number of long-term storage devices by simply using the native application interface.


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