ArmorLock: NVMe SSD With App-Based Security

ArmorLock: NVMe SSD With App-Based Security

G-Technology has always been good at giving us a little extra, whether that’s ruggedized drives that can take a pounding in the field or fast, reliable desktop storage for your edit suite. But now there’s something more.

ArmorLock is a new range of encrypted rugged drives with USB-C connectivity. They’re built on NVMe technology to give the fastest performance possible allowing for read/write speeds of up to 1,000 MB/s, which is plenty for backing up your source media quickly and editing your high-resolution videos wherever you are.

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What makes ArmorLock special, though, isn’t its speed. Neither is it the rugged enclosure that can withstand a 3m drop (we checked), 1,000lb of crushing force, or submergence in water. No. What makes ArmorLock really stand out is its security.

Unboxing a new drive you’ll see the SSD, a few cables, instructions, and that’s it. Simply download the ArmorLock app onto your iOS or Android device and scan the QR code on the back of your SSD to start setting it up. The customisation options are impressive. Name the drive, give it a colour, and set access permissions all within the app. And there’s literally no other way to access it. Any time you plug it into a PC you’ll need to open your app to unlock it.

Secure Your Data

In order to access the data stored on your device you need to be given permission by the device’s manager. Add contacts from your phone or by email and they’ll receive an access notification. You can then hand over or mail the SSD to your intended user and they – and only they – will be able to use the device when it arrives. If it gets lost en-route or anyone tries to hack in your content is secure.

Secure Erase

Use the ArmorLock app to safely wipe your device. Erase everything and start fresh if you need to. No worries, no hassle. You can be safe in the knowledge that no-one else will ever see your files.

Track and Trace

To make things even more helpful you can also monitor where your ArmorLock has been. Any time it’s powered on the onboard OS will ping a GPS location, enabling you to see exactly where it is. So if you need to make sure it’s arrived at its intended location then just load up your app and take a look at the location info screen.


Weighing in at just 200g, ArmorLock is a 2TB drive that you can happily chuck in your bag. It will survive almost any physical environment and is IP67 rated dust and water proof. Boasting a 1,000lb crush resistance and 3m drop protection, ArmorLock is the perfect tool for the storage and transfer of security-sensitive content.

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