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Advanced Archive & Backup with Archiware and Symply

February 7, 2022

On 3rd March, discover the power of Archiware's cross-industry, configurable backup and archive toolset in tandem with Symply's advanced cloud and LTO storage solutions.

In this virtual session we'll explore how businesses from M&E, medical, security, engineering and more can deploy Archiware P5 for a robust, automated backup and archive process. Whether you need to arrange incremental backups, restore to a point in your project history, or simply ensure the integrity of your data across multiple copies there's a customisable workflow built with stability and security in mind.

Join Archiware’s David Fox and Symply’s Nick Warburton in this 40 minute webinar for an overview of both product ranges and a live demo of the whole solution.

We’ll be showing media archive to both LTFS LTO (SymplyPRO LTO) and affordable media-centric cloud storage (SymplyNEBULA). David and Nick will also be on hand to answer your questions.

David Fox, Archiware
Nick Warburton, Symply

Register for 3rd March at 1pm GMT

Register for 3rd March at 6pm GMT


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