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Accusys High-Performance Thunderbolt & PCIe Storage Solutions

February 14, 2017
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With over 20 years of experience, innovation and being the engineering team behind Apple's XRAID, Accusys has become a leading storage solution provider of unparalleled, high performance storage solutions that allow organisations and professionals to embrace the rapidly evolving, high demands of post production.

Accusys is focused on revolutionising media storage with low latency PCIe 3.0 RAID for high end colour grading and Multi-Port Thunderbolt technologies for cross platform workflows, both of which support shared storage configurations.

Enterprise Thunderbolt RAID Storage
The T2Share is a 3RU 16-bay 4-Port Thunderbolt 2 workhorse featuring dual redundant PSUs, dual redundant FANs, and a field replaceable controller with SAS expansion (for up to 64x HDD). The advanced RAID controller supports multiple LUNs that can be shared* or mapped across 4-Thunderbolt 2 ports providing performance up to 2.1GB/s.

Why buy Four Thunderbolt RAIDs when you can just use one!
The Accusys T2Share allows the creation of multiple RAID sets/LUNs that can be mapped to any of the four Thunderbolt 2 ports. As each port is isolated no sharing software is required. For example, three Playout Servers can be connected to port 1-3 and port 4 could have a IT Server connected for general RAID protected storage. The total raw capacity could be up to 640TB.

4-Port Thunderbolt File-Level Sharing with Tiger Technology or Xsan
By using a Mac mini, Xsan or Tiger Store* file-level sharing can be enabled. If Tiger Store is used it can also provide Avid Bin locking and additional project management software is also available (Project Store). With Tiger Store you can break out of the MetaData Controller (MDC) with 10GbE or 1GbE to grow more clients over Ethernet.

* Boot Camp with Windows installed is required

XSAN Example:

Tiger Technology - Tiger Store Example:
Note: You can also use an Intel NUC or MacMini as Tiger Store MDC
Exceed the limit of 1.2GB/s for Thunderbolt storage on a Mac Pro!
By connecting two ports from a Mac Pro (across two Thunderbolt busses) to two ports on the T2Share, the Accusys driver will allow data to pass over both ports simultaneously (Multipath I/O) to deliver up to 1.9GB/s to the workstation.

Accusys T2Share starts from only 4975 GBP/ 5875 EUR ex VAT* with 32TB storage using HGST Enterprise HDDs. Accusys T2Share systems are also available with bundled Corning Optical Thunderbolt cable (up to 60m) at additional cost.

Read about the Accusys T2Share with Blackmagic's Cintel Film Scanner Solution Guide.

What to know more? Contact Us for a conversation...

*Price correct as of Feb 2017

Attending BVE 2017? Come and see the Accusys T2Share and brand new Gamma 8 - Thunderbolt 3 Desktop Rocket! - on the Global Distribution stand J30 (opposite the bar). See you there.


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