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Strongbox is a computer manufacturer based in Pinewood Studios. We build very fast workstations, servers and render farms using the best components available worldwide. Each machine is optimized for specific industry vertical markets.

Strongbox Computers was established to produce a range of reliable, superfast computers which are demonstrably better than any offering from HP, Dell or Apple. Performance of each machine is tailored to client’s software requirements and set-up, enhancing user-experience and reliability whilst dramatically reducing their processing time. The company owns its own manufacturing warehouse and offices by Junction 25, M25 and is financially secure with no debt. Strongbox is currently self-funded and has grown organically focussing on the B2B market for high end workstations supplied into the Film and TV production market place where there is a requirement for huge processing power. Strongbox delivers that in spades and has had massive success supplying some of the biggest names in the world.

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