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Since Magma’s founding in 1987 their flagship product has been the patented PCI Expansion System that provides the capability to add additional PCI slots to desktop computers, servers, and notebooks.

Evolving alongside technological developments in the computer industry Magma’s expansion technology also includes innovative PCI-X and PCI Express (PCIe) compatible products. Magma’s key markets include the professional audio/video and music production, test and measurement, telecommunications, corporate and government IT infrastructure, and military and defence industries. In additional to being a long-term OEM supplier and partner with specialist system manufacturers such as Avid (and subsidiary Digidesign), Magma also now offer a range of expansion systems specifically tailored for Sun Blade Modular Systems. Magma is excited to be leading the way in an ever-changing and challenging market, and continues to grow and remain at the forefront of the computer hardware industry.

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