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Lesspain Software are the makers of Kyno, the revolutionary all-in-one media management application for anyone dealing with video content professionally.

Aspiring filmmakers, journalists, creative professionals and seasoned broadcast pros as well as research, security, healthcare, real-estate and sports professionals in more than 50 countries trust Kyno for their day-to-day tasks dealing with digital media. Kyno is an ingest-free screening, logging, organization & transcoding toolset with tight NLE integration and unbeatable ease of use. It’s available for Mac and Windows as an affordable entry-level package and offers a portfolio of extensions for high-end and enterprise users.

Kyno was featured by Nofilmschool, Cinema5D, Larry Jordan, Red Shark News, and Provideocoalition. Among its users are ABC News, Al Jazeera and the German Football League, it was chosen product of the year 2016 by and is described by Larry Jordan as “the most full-featured media management system I’ve ever seen”.

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